Thursday, 9 September 2010

Finger Puppets

My eldest daughter decided that after I made her a cushion for school,that I can now make anything. She wanted a mouse finger puppet, so I made her one from odd and edds of felt that I had. So then her younger sister decided that she now wanted one. I got a bit excited by this and made her a fairy. Since then I have been busy making a princess. I can't make up my mind whether they are good enough to give as gifts? I would welcome any thoughts that anyone has please. I would either give a couple of different finger puppets, or a tooth fairy bag (please see earlier post) with a fairy puppet.


  1. I think they are really cute. I love the fairy especially. And they are certainly good enough to give as gifts. Now you have made a couple, making more will be better too, any little errors or improvements will be easy to sort

  2. Arr thanks Mumma Troll, the first ones are always the hardest. Thanks for the feedback xx

  3. I think there perfect for gifts, last year I bought some for my neice which she loved