Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Chookies.

Last summer my five hens decided that they were no longer going to lay eggs for us, but since then we have sadly lost two of the oldest ladies.
So when a Mum at school offered us four more hens, I jumped at the change. My youngest and I went to see the birds on Friday, and WOW they were a bunch of beautiful ladies.  We were over the moon, and bought the birds home to live in our back garden. Sadly my photos are not brilliant, and one lady was a little camera shy.

In the top photo we have a Speckedly and a  White Star.  We have another Speckedly, who's feathers are super soft.  She is a real character, and recently visited our girls school were she was a big hit.  Hopefully our new Speckedly will be as fantastic. We lost our old White Star, they are fantastic layers of pure white eggs.
The bottom photo is a Cream Legbar,  this pretty girl should lay me some blue eggs.  I have wanted one of this breed for a long long time.  My Light Sussex girl managed to escape the camera, but she is equally as lovely as the other three. 
I think that chickens make the most fantastic pet, they can become really tame and give cuddles.  They eat all of the scraps that you have, and bits from the veg garden that you are not going to eat. You can use all of the old bedding and poop to fertilise your vegetable beds.  When I last worked it out their  layers pellets cost less than £1 a week.

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