Sunday, 4 July 2010

Garden Produce

I have a normalish sized garden, on an end of terrace plot on an average housing estate. But I am moving away from pretty flowers and trying to feed my family from it.

The last few years we have been growing lots of fruit and veg in various sized pots. This year I managed to squeeze a Raspberry and Goosegog bush in the boarders. Along with some thyme and lemon balm. At the moment we are eating spinach, mache, raspberrys, strawberry, peas, watercress and rocket.

We also have four Mrs Chickens. These are called Dottie, Daisy, Rosetta and Shadow. Shadow has just started laying after being broody for three weeks. I lifted her off her nest and realised that she was trying to hatch some snail shells, crazy bird. So at the moment we are getting four eggs a day.

I have bigger and better plans for next year. I am planning to build two new raised beds, so I have much more room to grow goodies.

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