Sunday, 22 December 2013

Wash day blues.

This isn't me at the moment, for one thing our washing machine has  been out of action for three week.  I have been relying on kind friends to help me out, and do all the washing for our family of five. You certainly find out who your friends are.  We are waiting for parts from the manufacturer, but they do not seem to be in a rush.
I am really surprised at the amount of people I know that think that they can not function without a tumble dryer, and even use it all summer.  We have not had a dryer for years now, due to environmental reasons and the running costs. I dry our washing outside all year, apart from when its raining and then it goes on the clothes horse.
After reading Fly lady's organisational wisdom, I wash a load everyday to try to keep on top of the carnage.  I can't say that I am that organised about the ironing. Hubby has just asked  how high is the ironing pile exactly, its not too high as it hasn't fallen over yet.

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