Friday, 3 January 2014

Happiness Jar.

I heard a friend of a friend talking about her family tradition of making a Happiness Jar. I had no idea what this was, and needed an explanation. It went a little like this; during the course of the year all members of your family write things that makes them happy, on little bits of paper then they fold them up tight. Then on New Years Eve you read them out to each other.  This fits perfectly with one of my new years resolutions, 2014 the year of trying to focus on the positive!!  Isn't it easy to fixate on the negative, and get carried away by it?  So I made this jar, which is currently sitting on my kitchen windowsill. My kids are really taken with the idea, and the two little ones keep coming up to me and asking me to write notes for them.  I also intend to add a few addition things, such as the funny comments that my kids come out with, amusing incidents that happen and anything that really makes me laugh out loud.

I made the label with a beautiful kit that I bought from a friends Stampin' Up party last year.  Goodness me I have never such beautiful craft bits, I was all of a dither and did not know what to buy with my very small budget.  I could have spent £100s.  My Mother attends classes in her local area that are organised by one of Stampin' Ups consultants, she has made some wonderful things including paper wreaths, cards and gift boxes.  I am always hoping that she will make some of these things for me.

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